10 Pictures of Costa Rica

July 14, 2014

My oldest brother went to Costa Rica, without warning, without an invitation.

I forgave him for that minor lack of consideration. It still hurts sometimes when he so cruelly reminds of me of the waterfalls and the crushing surfer waves.

It was always meant to be a bro trip, a yearlong planned vacation with his best friends in search of waves the coast of Costa Rica had to offer. In retrospect, and now in my rational state of mind (that comes and goes), it wasn’t really a trip for me.

Yet that didn’t stop me from striking a deal with him. He would go to Costa Rica, no hard feelings or resentment for being left out, and he would bring me back pictures for this post.

So here you have Costa Rica, through my brother’s eyes.

Photography by: Alejandro GarcĂ­a

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